I signed on to play a couple of mindless games this evening and came across the following email piece by Gordon Powers on MSN Money, April-26-12. So I thought it was appropriate given that the deadline is fast approaching.

Whether you do your own taxes by hand or using software, you want to pay your fair share and not a dollar more.

Taxpayers can miss out on legitimate writeoffs either by leaving things to the last minute or simply not staying abreast of the current rules. Read on for some of the biggest slip-ups you might be making.


I remember when I was much younger and within a short few months of being able to get my driver’s license, my father made sure to emphasize that it is customary to wave thank you when someone lets you merge into a lane.

Whatever happened to that sense of respect for others? What about holding the door open for someone? Or lending someone a hand just because?

Is every person in such a rush that they have left their manners at home, or better yet, forgotten what they were?


I am often asked what one should do when they are going to be buying a home. I often deal with first time home buyers and so I thought it was time to create a step-by-step process to assist those who ask in how to get into a house without becoming chained to your home because of your mortgage.

Kiddie Insurance - Good Idea/Bad Idea?

My experience would suggest that most individuals in the financial world chase the ‘Big Fish’ rather than working with the majority of other fish in the sea. As a result, most of the concepts that are employed by salespeople are really not appropriate for the general consumer. Today, I will speak about the need or lack thereof for insurance on a child.

Is your business safe?

Would you sign this contract?

If my partner, or fellow shareholder, dies, becomes disabled or critically ill, I agree to:

1. Turn down all new business
2. Make no further purchases
3. Pay off all obligations -- immediately
4. Not borrow money in the firm’s name
5. Sell all business assets for cash
6. Dissolve the business
7. Continue to share profits

Should I fail to do any of the above, my associate or his family will have the right to sue me for failure to comply with this agreement.

Your Financial Movie

It is scary to me that people will spend a full evening sitting in front of the boob tube watching Hollywood celebrate the year of moving pictures, but people do not sit down and take an evening to go through their own financial picture.

What does your financial movie look like? Is it a docudrama on how not to behave? Is it a comedy – of errors like many? Is it a tragedy – you feel that you are a lost cause? What type of movie is it?

Are you or someone you know getting married soon?

According to Wiarton Willie, spring will be here soon and with it will come the onset of the wedding season. Soon the shelves at your corner convenience store and at the major bookstores will be covered with magazines touting the latest wedding fashions and fads. If you cannot wait, then you can sit in front of the boob tube and watch TV programs like, “Say Yes to the Dress”. So if you are not getting married yourself, you are likely to know someone who is ‘tying the knot’ this year.

Those of us who are married often get asked for some sage advice so here is mine:

Changes to CPP

The following is an article outlining the changes that are coming this year for CPP.

6 big Canada Pension Plan changes coming in 2012

New rules could affect retirement planning.
By CBC News | CBC – Wed, 1 Feb, 2012 7:46 AM EST

Last week in a speech in Davos, Switzerland, Prime Minister Stephen Harper lit a political powder keg when he hinted at possible changes to Old Age Security benefits.

Buy a home with knowledge

For as long as I can remember, it has been drilled into my head that it is better to own than to rent. So I delved into the housing market as early as I could at age 23. That lasted for two years before I had to move into the basement of my parents’ house - wife, son and all. Did I make a mistake getting into the market? I did not think so at that time, but as I have gained some wisdom over the last twenty-two years, I realize that I did make a few mistakes and so I hope to pass them onto you to help prevent you from making the same mistakes.

My take on the financial world

What to expect?
Normally I am not one to prognosticate on where the economy or markets are heading, but I found myself feeling inundated by the pundits over the last few weeks as we embark on 2012. So I thought, why not put a few words together for those who care to listen … so here it goes.

Are we dead in the water?
I don’t believe we are at all. I remember back a few years ago when I stopped listening to the radio as everything from the propaganda machines was negative. I listened to the radio on the way to work today.


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