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What to really look at when comparing investment funds!

Ok so we have all seen the commercials on TV where the arrogant looking advisor is being confronted by the disgruntled client. They are good commercials because they get you to focus on the fees associated with investing and suggest that you move to a lower fee based set of investments offered from the company paying for the advertisement.

Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS)

On May 4th, 2016 I became a member of the Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists by passing the qualifying exams. There are approximately 300 CFDS's in Canada at this present time and so I am thrilled to be counted as one of them.

Are we all lemmings investing in RRSPs?

It is that time of the year again when the average Joe/Joanne gets bombarded with ads from all medium about RRSP's. How you should make a contribution, how you should borrow to fund an RRSP and then use the return to pay part of it back, etc.
Have you ever wondered why so many institutions (including the government) promote RRSP’s? I have, and here are some of my thoughts.

What is Financial Plannning anyway?

Everywhere one turns these days, there is someone or something offering financial planning. The problem for the consumer is how to differentiate between someone dressing up a product sale as a financial plan and doing proper financial planning.

Mortgage Life Insurance is labelled "Junk Product"

In an article in the Life & Health Professional Web Newsletter, Jamie Henry alludes to an article by Rob Carrick of the Globe & Mail and it is great to see the media finally paying attention to this ongoing problem. Below is a copy of the brief allusion by Henry.

by Jamie Henry 08 Dec 2014

One of the country’s leading financial journalists is saying what many advisors have long believed about mortgage life insurance.

Calling All Healthcare Practitioners - Check This Out

If you are in a healthcare profession, you need to copy and paste in your browser the following link and sign up for the medical & dental plan that is better than others that you have seen as it is both less expensive and more comprehensive.!brian-shumak-landing-page/c1ivz

Smell the coffee

For the last two decades, I have been working as a self-employed person in the financial services industry and time management is probably the most important thing for my sanity.

Smell the flowers while having a coffee

It has been a little while since I last posted on my blog. Although there are many excuses that I could proffer, I think it best to simply say Happy New Year to all.

One would think that a prognostication for the coming year would be a good place to start, however, I have decided not to make this a crystal ball based post.


You would think that those of us who live in a democratic society with the opportunity to thrive only limited by ourselves and our ambitions would be free from bigotry, hatred, racism, bullying and many more terms. Apparently we are not.


I normally do not share things that are mass emailed to me, however, should this be factual and not a hoax (never know these days) then it is worth putting out there for all to check out.

The video explains how the click of a smart phone coupled with the GPS settings on your smart phone allow the bad guys to learn all about you, all about where you shop, what you like and most of all about those you hold closest to you, your kids.

Check this out and have a safe day.


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